The Aircraft

The LongEz is a design which is still futuristic now, even though it first appeared back in 1979. Designed by Burt Rutan as his "Model 61" (he has designed over 100 aircraft) it was an instant success, with over 3,000 copies of the plans being sold.

Over 2,000 are flying worldwide, and the design spawned a host of bigger, longer, wider, heavier types with the same look. Burt Rutans design genius took on to design and build, with his team of volunteers, the first non-government, private space ship.

Our example of the LongEz was built in the UK by Andy Draper over 20 years ago, and flew for many years with a 100hp Continental 0-200. Rebuilt by Bill Allen and Roger Target for the Wilksch conversion over a period of 3 years, the aircraft is now ideally suited for operation in Europe.

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